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Unfolding 4:57 minute loop

Original format Mini DV (color)
video work / 2002 / performed and produced by Lihie Talmor.

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Unfolding (Desdoble, 2002) is a sequence on video of recorded every-day activities, performed by the artist in her home, in the building where she resides, as if in real time. In the process of their realization, she opens paths and leaves traces that create her personal labyrinth. The ritual behavior of throwing out, collecting, picking up, and pouring, repeated continually, connotes life cycles. The city and nature are captured as real or imagined interruptions over the background of voices and noises of the space adjacent to the building, and others farther away, which open up to us in the end.
Penelope2005 12:00 minute loop

Original format Mini DV (color)
video work / 2005 / performed and produced by Lihie Talmor.

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Penelope2005 records the action-contruction of an object inspired in the links of chain metal armor used by medieval knights, as well as the myth of Penelope. The artist weaves a web-object, which because of the material used to construct it, takes on a semi-voluminous form and at the same time appears as a large metallic fabric: a sort of hard form without a defined outline. The idea is not to reproduce the medieval armature, but to use it as a reference and create a thing that has no useful function. The labor process ends arbitrarily. The elements of the weave are like metallic Moebius bands continuing one to the next in a slow action, apparently with no end. The Moebius (infinite ring) connotes the Sysiphus-like work that Penelope performed each night, undoing what she created during the day while she awaited the return of Odiseus.
The artist refers in this work to the different definitions of the word fin (end): meta -in this case, sin fin (no end): sin sentido (no sense); con fin (with end) or confin (confined): limit(ed)- though the result is not limited by measurements nor the time it takes to execute; neither by an outline defined by aesthetic criteria. Through the non-utilitarian character of the object, its undefined use, weight, and scale, the artist reveals an absurd, eloquently ridiculous, passive feminine act in the midst of a warrior, masculine world.