17 poets of the world
Compilation:Edda Armas and Lihie Talmor
Poets: Jacqueline Goldberg, Fabio Morábito, Reynaldo Pérez Só, Horacio Costa, Piedad Bonnet, Rodolfo Häsler, Carmen Villoro, Edda Armas, Françoise Roy, Pedro Serrano, Rami Saari, Sonia Chocrón, Luis Enrique Belmonte, Carmen Valle, Vicent Berenguer, Noelia Frómeta Machado y Antonio Deltoro
Translators:Horacio Costa, Lihie Talmor, Javier De La Puerta, Esther Solay-Levy, Florinda Goldberg, Raquel García Lozano and Eduard J. Verger
Etchings:Lihie Talmor and Juan Manuel De La Rosa

Graphic Design of the collection and cover: Joanna Gutiérrez
Lay out: Ediplus producción, C.A.
Edited by: Roberto Martínez Bachrich
Revision of Portuguese: Eduardo Cobos
Revision of Catalan: Lorena Bou Linhares
Printed and bound by: Editorial Arte

Editorial CEC, SA
RIF: J-30448800-9 

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Fe de errantes is not an anthology.  Rather, it is a kind of a Noah’s ark of the new millennium. Seventeen poets –from Israel, Mexico, Spain, Colombia, Cuba, Puerto Rico, Egypt and Venezuela– with common epicenters: wandering, home, tribe, domain, land, and memory.

Edda Armas

When exile –although terrible and perverse– penetrates the devastated territories of poetry, it bursts in like a superior genre, and demarcates very clearly a forger of identities: the poet of wandering.

Thus, the poets of wandering do not speak foreign tongues, nor dwell in new houses; they do not write disconsolate letters, nor are they survivors. Worse yet, they have the rotund obligation to give a genealogy to a word, to submit to inopportune movings, to write missives never to be condoned.  They are survivors of a tragedy they only half-understand, guilty and lacerated, quiet,  dilettantes.

Poets of wandering are those who best understand the soul, for every man has lost or will lose a homeland.

Jacqueline Goldberg