The Journey”, an Artist’ Book,  presents the creative expressions of 18 Latin American Jewish artists and 15 Latin American Jewish poets depicting  the journey of Jewish families from Europe and Middle Eastern countries to Latin America .

The images and writings of the artists and poets explore the movements and displacements of the Jews, evoking exile and desegregation, memory and loss, remembrance and recovery. These visions and voices are sensitive testimonies of their own backgrounds and experiences that overlap local references of their countries, personal memories and Jewish symbolism. They allow the narration of the Diaspora to add new stories, new associations and new patterns of perception in a story that is common to all families:  The Journey.  The 18 art works and 15 poems are a limited edition of prints made by the Museo Sefardí de Caracas (Sephardic Museum of Caracas). They were first exhibited in the Museum of Contemporary Art Sofía Imber in Caracas, Venezuela in 1999.  The participants are well known Latin American Jewish artists and poets, internationally respected who have won awards and exhibited in museums and galleries world-wide.

Artists:    •Lydia Azout  •Ricardo Benaim  •Nadia Benatar,  •Samy  Benmayor •Luis Camnitzer  •Felipe Ehrenberg •Walter Goldfarb  •Gerardo Goldwasser •Elias Heim  •Jac Leirner  •Becky Mayer  •Liliana Porter  •Carlos Poveda  •Baruj Salinas  •Daniel Scheimberg    •Lihie Talmor  •Meyer Vaisman  •Moico Yaker Poets

Poets:   •Marjorie Agosin  •Ruth Behar  •Daniel E. Chirom  •Sonia Chocron  •Elias David Curiel  •Juan Gelman  •Rosita Kalina  •Martha Kornblith  •José Kozer  •Liliana Mizrah  •Miriam Moscona  •Roberto Picciotto  •Alejandra Pizarnik  •David Turkeltaub  •Saul Yurkievich

The 10 countries represented by the artists and poets are: Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Cuba, Mexico, Peru, Uruguay and Venezuela.


“I follow the instructions of the stewardess, who teaches us habits of flying. I prepare myself for a long voyage. With me, my family, and others whom I know, although we have never met.”