First Prize at the Ibizagrafik '98 Biennial, Ibiza, Spain, 1998.

During the celebration of its 30th anniversary, OTEPI, the Venezuelan construction and engineering firm, commissioned Lihie Talmor to create a series of photo-etchings based on photographs of projects executed by the company. The challenge this presented, greatly appealed to the artist, as it would be the first time she would use photographs not taken by her to create a series of etchings..

Ruth Jacobson, an Israeli curator, describes the series:

The work brings the machines out of the quotidian by means of close ups, nuances of light and shade and through deformation of scale. Thus, the images acquire a mystical quality and new meaning.  Multiple points of view–from high above, from down below, from many perspectives, lead the eye to different places; the horizon line is pushed away and left out of the image, thus evoking a sense of curiosity and unrest, a kind of searching. The prints transmit a strength, an intensity, which stem from something beyond the representation, something from beyond the boundaries of the known.

The series won the first prize at Ibizagrafic’98– the XV Ibiza Biennial, Spain.


Thibisay Gonzalez
Apuntes OTEPI , No 14–May/June 1999