Second Prize

Yozo Hamguchi 100th Anniversary International Print Competition and Exhibition, Musée Hamaguchi Yozo: Yamasa Collection, Tokyo, Japan, 2009

Lihie Talmor is an artist that shares her time between Israel and Venezuela.  This image forms part of her recent Track before Detect series printed with Dan Walden in Sag Harbor, New York, in January, 2009, the artist's first time with Solarplate. Prior to this, Lihie had explored traditional printmaking methods, primarily photogravure. 

Track before Detect began with photographs captured on a guided excursion in Jerusalem, sponsored by an organization for co-existence geared toward finding a just solution to the Israel-Palestine conflict.  This is one of any number of photographs the artist takes in very precise moments to document experiences; these images become the specific, referential springboard for the development and evolution of series of works.

Lihie usually preserves the original structure and framework, however she changes the relationship and morphology of the elements that construct the image. In this series, the artist used Photoshop to insert image fragments of one of her unfinished sculptures.  The transparency from which the final artwork was printed was also painted, scratched and otherwise worked on to create further mystery and effect.

Esperanza León
August, 2009