The book Mirar el olvido is a project that brings together graphic works by Brazilian artist Kika Levy and Venezuelan-Israeli artist Lihie Talmor, accompanied by texts by French writer Anne Louyot. The project harmoniously aims to represent a gaze towards oblivion and distant histories.

The exchange of ideas and experiences between the three practitioners that incorporate their particular visions within a sole visual element, took place at Kika Levy’s Studio in Sao Paulo and was elaborated and printed in TAGA , Taller de Artistas Gráficos Asociados in Caracas, Venezuela.

Kika Levy closely observes nature and the almost imperceptible and mysterious nucleus of plant life, capturing erratic movements of living matter, exploring reminiscences that surge from oblivion.

Lihie Talmor looks to construct the territory of oblivion and forgetting, exploring uncertainties of visible realities, imprints of the invisible on the visible and unstable frontiers of visual perception.

Through her texts, Anne Louyot, touches on the theme of oblivion as a vital force that sculpts our psychological landscape, giving it form and identity through constant metamorphosis and evolution.

Mirar el olvido successfully and subtly integrates three distinct, creative personalities that express three united cultures in a limited edition artist book produced in a trio of craft-based methods of printing – etching, lithography and silk screen – in three languages: Portuguese, Spanish and French.

This artist book in its full spread of pages, poems and images evokes memory, uttering a call to revel in the act of forgetting.