Special Prize of the Jury at the International Award for Printmaking, Biella, Italy, 1993. (1st print of the series)

“…The series of etchings done as a tribute to the pianist Vladimir Horowitz is likewise touched with the magic power of memory.  [like in the series: Collective Memory, 1989-1991. L.T.].  In the center now is no longer the collective memory of history, but one man, a genius, a virtuoso. Originally the etchings were exhibited in a more extended format, like newspaper pages, which included the main image, a headline and additional images, smaller ones, accompanied by text. This time only the central images are being exhibited, on nine pages which are one – hands, windows, portraits, landscape and spades – a condensation that seeks to touch the most important thing: to convey the melody through the memory, to dive into the music, to sink into an inner world that is suffused with feeling…”

Tami Katz-Freiman
Taken from “In Quest of the Lost Ark”
The Artist’ House, Jerusalem, 1993