Lihie Talmor seduces us into a realm of blurred images and echoing forms. We are attracted by the challenge to decipher their content and meaning, sensing that there is something to be found deep within that we can closely relate to, that will conjure personal histories and memories. We set forth to satisfy our curiosity only to discover multiple levels of significance as image and form continually repeat and metamorphose.

The seductive quality and meditative effect of Talmor’s work have only intensified in the last decade, and it envelops us further in mystery-laden images, fragmented within deep inks, sensual lines and scratches, and smoky layers, like a dense fog that surrounds us on a twilight walk: while we enjoy the sensation of mist on our faces, the eerie halflight, stillness, and isolation, we may also despair, become anxious, feeling no end or possible exit from this white silence, that may become like a deafening noise in our heads.

Esperanza León