First Prize, category "Traditional Printmaking", 2nd Caracas Biennial of Graphics of Venezuela, 2000.

Printed Circuits

The series Printed Circuits continues Lihie Talmor’s reflections on wandering and uprooting, now with new visual considerations.  The anonymous objects within the suitcases, unveiled through airport x-ray machines, are used as a point of departure for the creation of enigmatic forms which escape representative norms.  This type of abstraction allows, however, for a particular expressivity:  the photo-etchings are elaborated in a way that underlines the blurring of the structures and highlights the frames which, in the etching, announce the rupture of planes and the accumulation of (temporal and reflexive) spaces.

These images coincide, in a certain way, with the artist’s former works; they are collages of suggestion.  The sketches of molds for the production of machinery, on the other hand, emphasize the figuration-disfiguration of the frightening, blurred objects, producing disturbing associations.  At times, these elements float transparently over plans of villages or old sewing patterns and acquiring a surprising coincidence .

Although Talmor’s former works revolved around her own memories (such as a family album) or her situated perceptions of her cultures, this new work distances itself from her memories and family pictures so as to insist on an anonymity as terrible as that of the threatening machines and restraining patterns, or the remains of men left in an abandoned suitcase.

Alejandro SalasNational
National Art Gallery
Caracas, Venezuela, 2000