mikveh was found in the state of Falcon, Venezuela, and is considered unique among its kind: it is the first excavated in Venezuela and possibly in the Americas.  Experts determined that it formed part of a structure built circa 1774 on the site of a Pre-Colombian indigenous settlement.

In biblical Hebrew, mikveh literally means a collection of water and refers to the baths where ritual purification prescribed by Judaism take place through full immersion of the body, ideally in pure water collected from a natural source. 

The etching series MIKVEH is the result of photographs I have taken throughout my wanderings along different beaches, where natural formations or eroded configurations coexist with the manmade, archeological remains of  mikvehs or olive oil vats.  Like the rest of my work, MIKVEH stems from my fascination with the structure of things, be it in the form of architecture, landscape, shape or time; structures that are ambiguous and flexible forms or concepts: structures that are traces or palimpsests.

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